Top Tips When Hiring Wedding Marquees

Posted on: 17 November 2021

Marquees have become a permanent fixture in most outdoor weddings. A marquee reduces the possibility of your guests getting scorched by the sun or rained on. Choosing the perfect marquee for your wedding is not as easy as most people presume. Remember, you want your guests to be comfortable throughout the event. The extract below proposes criteria to help you choose a wedding marquee


Two factors will influence the size of the marquee; the location of the wedding and the number of guests. If you intend to hold the wedding on expansive grounds, then you could choose one marquee that can accommodate all your guests. If the wedding grounds are small, you could hire several marquees. These marquees can be erected oppositely to leave an aisle leading the stage where the bride, groom and wedding party will be seated. 

Design of The Marquee

There are different types of marquee designs. For instance, traditional marquees are characterised by canvas sides and internal support poles that give the marquee alluring curved tops. These marquees must be pegged. Therefore, they are ideal for garden weddings. Frame marquees are built on a solid frame. As such, they do not require pegs or internal poles. They are perfect for constricted areas since you do not require additional space to install pegs. Besides, they are highly resistant to storms and have a clear roof to eliminate the need for additional lighting. Chinese hat marquees have pointed tops and are smaller than traditional or frame marquees. They are ideal when holding the wedding at a small venue. Besides, they can be used as a catering or bridal shower tent. 

Hiring Company

Do not hire the marquee from the first event hire company you come across on the internet. Instead, research to establish companies with exemplary and personalised services. For example, the hiring company should clean the marquee before erecting it at your site. Besides, they should inspect the grounds to determine the best marquee designs, how to set the marquees and any risks that could affect the erection of the structures. Other than the provision of marquees, the company should also offer décor, seats and tables. 

An important consideration when renting the marquee is the terms of hire. For example, at what time will the company install and disassemble the marquee. As a rule, the marquee should be installed the previous night or several hours before guests arrive. Besides, it should be disassembled several hours after guests leave. It gives you adequate time to remove the décor, sound system and lighting. Finally, compare prices to determine which service provider offers you value for your money. 


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