Cool Room Hire Tips

Posted on: 25 May 2021

Cool rooms are ideal for event organisers who require cold storage for foods and drinks during their occasions. Fortunately, cool rooms are portable. This makes them a preferable choice for caterers since they can be placed at convenient locations. The extract below details the considerations to make when renting a cool room. 

Cool Room Features

The underlying principle of renting cool rooms is that the equipment you purchase should be ideal for your event. The following are some features to look for in a cool room: 

  • Determine the cool room size. Because cool rooms come in different sizes, make sure it fits the foods and drinks that you intend to cool.
  • Assess the cool room's shelving. Removable and adjustable shelves will allow you conveniently store all times of items inside the cool room.
  • Check the cool room's temperature ranges to know whether it is ideal for the items you intend to cool.
  • Consider cool rooms with a freezer compartment. It allows you to keep the drinks ice cold.
  • Assess the cool room's energy rating and consumption. It will help you with your budgeting. 

Choosing A Rental Company

As a rule, you should work with the best service providers in the market. Therefore, conduct some research to identify reputable companies that offer cool room hire services. An easy way to distinguish the services offered by each company is their terms of hire. Some concerns should include: 

  • Recognise what other services does the company offer. For instance, some companies will offer other party rental equipment such as tents, bouncing castles, and water slides. This option enables you to work with a single service provider.
  • Ask how long you can keep the cool room. Can you extend the hire period without incurring a penalty? These are essential concerns when you need the cool room for more than one day.
  • Consider companies that deliver cool rooms to your premises.
  • Determine the company's liability policy. Ideally, the cool room should have insurance coverage. However, you will cater to the repair costs if you intentionally damage the equipment.
  • Inquire whether the company will allow you to move the cool room to a different location. 


Assess the company pricing. Typically, you should consider companies that adjust their pricing to suit your needs. For example, you should not have to pay a daily charge if you need the cool room for a few hours. You should also inquire about extra charges for late payment or returns. 

When hiring a cool room for your event, determine the required features, work with reputable companies and assess the company pricing. Contact a coolroom hiring service for more information. 


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