How to Configure Audio Equipment Based on the Venue Itself

Posted on: 26 March 2020

If you plan to stage a major musical event in a local hall or similar facility, you will want to make sure that your sound system is up to the job. You may understand the basics here and know that you may need a bank of speakers together with subwoofers and other accessories, but you should think very carefully about the space itself. Before you choose your equipment, what do you need to take into account?

Considering the Space

Unless the room in question has been purpose-built for musical events, you may have to adjust your equipment to compensate for the space. Take a sports hall as an example. This type of facility is built for a specific function and not with pure acoustics in mind. In fact, it may have been designed to accentuate the sound of the crowd or, in other words, to make as much noise as possible during the big game.

Alternatively, you may have chosen an assembly hall at a local school, and this is simply a room made up of four walls, a floor and a ceiling. However, the walls may be made from sheetrock, while the floors will typically be hardwood. In this case, the surfaces may absorb lower end definition and actually vibrate at a certain frequency. This will strip the depth out of your audio, so you may have to use an additional EQ machine in order to compensate.

Equipment Placement

You need to be careful to place your speakers in the right position depending on the nature of the room and its characteristics. Otherwise, you could suffer from reflectivity or reverb, which are to be avoided at all costs. Remember to place your speakers so that they are pointed away from any reflective surfaces or try to install some acoustic panels at strategic locations before the event.

Even though you should place your speakers so that they are pointing inward, make sure that they are not too close to a wall. Some of the sounds can escape from the back of the speakers, and this could increase certain frequencies beyond the optimal level. If at all possible, do not place your speakers near to a wall or in the corner of the room.

Sounding It Out

As you can see, audio equipment placement might be a mixture of art and science, and you need to consult with the experts before you proceed. Talk with your equipment suppliers about your upcoming event and give them the information about the space itself, and they will be able to configure your equipment accordingly.

To learn more about setting up audio equipment, contact audio equipment hire companies in your area.


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